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Re: advice for data recovery

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Todd Denniston wrote:
Dave Stevens wrote, On 11/10/2008 04:56 PM:
Hello All,

So does anyone know of a program I can use to only copy files that are
not damaged? I can sort out the teenies, but don't see how to proceed
after that.
man ImageMagick
man identify
man convert

I wounder if Jpeg Rescue would help in this case?



I have not tried identify or convert and will have to test them.

I use ImageMagick and tried many things there but none of them worked.

I did use Jpeg Rescue but it didn't work in my case. It missed many images. Again, it could be a header issue between different Jpeg files. I found that my camera's header was different than the one in one particular program. I think it was foremost. This was confirmed with a test on a memory card.

All images that were recovered in my case will say that they are valid jpg images if I just use 'file {image.jpg}'

Robin Laing

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