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Re: Region 2 DVD to Region 1 DVD

Rich Emberson wrote:
So, I've got a Region 2 DVD, a Region 1 DVD player,
Fedora 9, a SAMSUNG SH-S203N DVD+RW and some recordable DVDs.
What I want to do is create a Region 1 version of the Region
2 DVD so that I can look at it using my Region 1 DVD
I do not need to look at the DVD using Fedora, just make a copy.
Can this be done?
Googling about one finds numerous Linux DVD tools, scripts, sites,
suggestions, etc. - all well and good, but I'd like a complete
solution and not a cobbled together set of utilities that may
or not work depending of numerous factors (and you are on your own
to figure out what is not working).

I know this might be a tall order. I understand that Fedora is, in
a sense, a testbed, but its what I've got installed (and I don't
have Windows installed anywhere, so I am interested in a Linux
only solution).


I have done it.

There are two issues that may be involved with the DVD. One is the format of the video. Is the screen resolution compatible with your player? What format is the Region 2 DVD in?

Another is the region coding.

I have converted DVD's for others to work in any Region 1 player for both screen resolution as well as region coding. I normally will convert to Region 0.

I do this at home so I don't have my notes handy.

There is an DVD menu editor program that allows you to change the DVD menu from the *.ifo files. This program allows you to simply click the region you want and what other changes you want to do.

You just save the files from the VIDEO.TS and AUDIO.TS on your computer, edit and then burn them with K3b.

DVD menu editor.

Note, if the DVD is a dual layer, there are ways to shrink the videos to fit on a single layer DVD just like DVD shrink.

I normally rip the video and then use mencoder to modify resolution and quality to meet my needs. You can use mencoder to fix many corrupted files as well.

Robin Laing

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