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Re: F9 to F10 without downloading an F10 iso image

Fred Silsbee wrote:

what does the following mean:

"The hook to preupgrade from PackageKit is only
           present for Fedora 10 release "

(1) after Fedora 10 is out I run preupgrade
(2) then yum update as normal

break the process down in steps otherwise there is confusion

PackageKit as you might already be aware is a distribution neutral abstraction layer on top of the different native package managers in Linux.

In PackageKit, there is a generic call for distribution upgrades that hooks up with the Fedora specific Preupgrade tool to do the job. In other distribution, instead of preupgrade they can call something else.

What it means for you as a user is that when Fedora 11 is released, you would automatically be notified on the desktop that a new release is available and you can choose to upgrade or not. The notification looks like this:


I haven't verified whether the new packagekit update waiting in updates-testing repository does this as well.

If you are installing and running preupgrade, then PackageKit doesn't come into the picture at all. You can very well do that now (pick the latest version from updates-testing repository since that fixes a few bugs) and upgrade to rawhide (and then yum update to Fedora 10) or wait till Fedora 10 is released and upgrade to that.

Hope that helps.


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