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Re: networking in fedora 9

Dear You,

Try to use iptables rather than the selinux for your firewall...

Thanks !


Jack Monflower wrote:
i am stumbling upon something very frustrating with fedora 9. i installed several servers such as httpd. httpd starts together with fedora, and i can access them locally, by doing
telnet localhost 8080
telnet 8080
where is the local LAN i have.
however, whenever i try to do that from another computer in the LAN (say, i do not get anything.
tcpdump -n port 8080 on the linux machine shows that the fedora box does get the packets when telnetting from, but it never sends packets back, so the connect just times out in
i disabled selinux, it is not even in permissive mode, but completely disabled.
for ssh, this does not happen. meaning, i can send and receive freely packets to/from port 22 on the fedora box, and can ssh to the fedora box from anywhere in the LAN.
any ideas what could be the reason? I looked around, found a few hints (for example, checking using tcpdump), but i just cannot isolate the problem. it also happens, by the way, with mysqld server - locally it works, but in the whole LAN it doesn't.

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