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Anaconda for F9 doesn't install kernel...


I am trying to do a minimal install F9 x86_64 from the dvd. I selected the
bare minimum set of packages (base system, 330 total) and went on with
installation as usual.

The last message I got from Anaconda was:

"no kernel was installed, boot loader info not changed"

when I clicked on OK, to see what would happen, I got the usual
"congratulation, install was successful, click on Reboot to start", and
now I am (predictably) staring at a grub prompt.

It would be nice to know how it can happen that Anaconda declares
successful a kernel-less installation. My most urgent question, however,
is if there is any way to fix this from the grub prompt.

Is it possible to tell grub "boot a kernel from the install DVD"? If yes,
how? All I need, basically is to arrive to a point where I can boot and,
as root, type "yum update".


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