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Re: activating ethernet

On Saturday 15 November 2008 17:59, Jack Monflower wrote:
> hello,
> i want to use a fedora box as a server and remove at some point the
> monitor. for that, i need to be able to reboot it so it will start
> everything smoothly.
> however, i noticed that currently whenever i turn on the computer, i have
> to go to the administration -> network and specifically "Activate" the
> network ethernet device.
> in addition, i have to restart httpd, mysqld and other servers which i want
> to be started automatically.
> i know the latter i can do in /etc/init.d/rc.local or something like
> that... but how can i make sure that the ethernet gets activated
> automatically? this is necessary, because otherwise i cannot ssh to the
> computer and need a console access.
> thanks

I've seen problems like this when using networkmanager (the default), which 
appears to be started when a user logs in, and results in other programs, 
which need access to the Internet pre login, not being able to find a 

On my Fedora 8 install, I opened the "services" GUI, and stopped 
"NetworkManager", and scrolled down a bit, and started the "network" service. 
The "network" service is started pre login, and may resolve your problem.

This may be worth a look.

Just a suggestion.


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