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Strange 'find' case?

I was decoding and encoding a flac/cue file and noticed that
if there are embedded encoded characters in the filenames as
they are specified from the Cue file, Nautilus adds the
tag: (invalid encoding) to the end of the filename.

But, if one does a simple find command like:

find . -type f

All of the files are found, however, with one difference,
the tag: (invalid encoding) is not displayed, so I assume
that this is a Nautilus 'feature'.  With that assumption,
in mind, one might think that the following find command
would work:

find . -type f -iname '*.flac'

But no, it fails to find *any* file that has the embedded encoded

Strangely, if the "offending" encoded characters AND (invalid encoding)
is removed (via Nautilus), only then, would the find (-iname) command
locate the "cleaned up" files.

So, my question is, how do I get around this issue - to either write a script to convert these files to a `sane' encoded characters or change something like
the Language environment that the OS can handle any encoded file names?


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