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sendmail coming with fresh installation

thanks for helping me previously... your answers were exactly what i needed (NetworkManager and iptables... managed to fix both.)

i still have one thing which i am not sure how to get done. i want to be able to use sendmail to just send mail from a pipe... nothing more than that (meaning, no need for handling queue, etc.)
so far, any linux i logged in to could do this by doing:

# /usr/sbin/sendmail address domain com
... Type in message using headers etc

and that's it, the message would be sent.
however, in my fresh fedora installation, i cannot make sendmail terminate... it accepts input from std input, but "." does not send the message nor does ^D, nothing. i can't find in sendmail.cf a mention of "termination symbol". any ideas?
(i thought it might be related to some terminate symbol, so i tried:
/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -messagefile=msg.txt
which should send message from a file, but still, i get std input waiting for input, and unable to terminate except for ^C.)


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