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Re: F9 and move to Hyperthreaded processor

Bob Kinney wrote:
> Hello--
> I am running F9 on an older box that has a Pentium 4 non-hyperthreaded 
> processor--it works great.
> I want to plop in a hyperthreaded processor--let's assume here that the processor and mainboard are compatible and working fine together.
> When I fire this system back up, how will the kernel react?  
> I have read that SMP is built into the kernel already, so will it simply
> pick up on the "extra" processor and begin working in hyperthreaded/dual
> processor mode or will this be an OS rebuild event (or something 
> in between)?
> Regards,
It should work just fine as long as the BIOS supports
hyper-threading. At least it did for me. (You may have to turn on
hyper-threading in the BIOS, or it may auto-enable.)


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