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Re: Upgrade to 64-bit F10

On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 03:18:28PM +0100, Boricua wrote:
> I asked the same question elsewhere regarding an upgrade from F8 32bit
> to F9 64bit and was told a fresh install would be required. So I
> suppose the same answer applies here.  Regarding your second question,
> yes Fedora 9.93 (the incoming F10) DVDs are available. However I
> suggest you search for "32bit vs. 64bit" threads so you can be sure
> F10 64bit is good for you. I have been in 64 bit since F9 but
> configuration, due to lack of several programs in 64 bit versions, is
> still not as easier as in 32bit.  Hope this helps.

I have been running 64-bit OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and SUSE 11 for a while
now. I expect that I will have no more problems with 64-bit F10 than
I've had with the other 64-bit systems (which is to say, essentially
none except for Maxima(caused by CLISP not working in 64-bit mode), so I
am eager to take advantage of the extra (and bigger) registers available
in 64-bit F10.

Where are the DVDs for Rawhide/F10 available?


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