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Re: F9 and move to Hyperthreaded processor

On 11/15/2008 06:03 PM, Bob Kinney wrote:

I am running F9 on an older box that has a Pentium 4 non-hyperthreaded processor--it works great.

I want to plop in a hyperthreaded processor--let's assume here that the processor and mainboard are compatible and working fine together.

When I fire this system back up, how will the kernel react?
I have read that SMP is built into the kernel already, so will it simply
pick up on the "extra" processor and begin working in hyperthreaded/dual
processor mode or will this be an OS rebuild event (or something in between)?
Be wary of hyperthreading. AFAIK, Intel no longer supports this feature in their processors. First, there are a number of applications that actually suffer from hyperthreading. For instance, my company's product runs significantly slower on a system with hyperthreading enabled. So, make sure you runs some tests. It was a good idea to extend the old single core processors. A colleague of mine also found some bugs in the microcode.

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