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Re: Root password disappears at every login, was "Cannot login as root"

On Sun, November 16, 2008 3:50 pm, Bill Davidsen wrote:

> It seems to me that your real problems would be
> sooner solved if you identified why you can't run
> with SElinux active.

theoretically, yes, and thanks in advance for any
tip on how to do this, really.

In practice, what happened is that the installation process went orribly
wrong (it said "installation successful" but left the system in a mess,
without kernel and other essential packages, probably because of a full
/var and/or /tmp), so I had to redo everything by hand. See my messages in
the last 24 hours.

However, right now I absolutely need to get this box up and running to do
some stuff on it which requires F9 (not 10) and I have to deliver tomorrow

The reasons for that are not worth discussing here, but this is why I am
ignoring SELinux **for the moment**. Again, suggestions are welcome, but I
will have to apply them _after_ I have finished those other things. At
that point, I'll either fix SELinux or just reinstall from scratch...


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