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kernel doesn't boot after recompile in F9


This is a longshot but I've been downloading the source for the fedora kernels and compiling them to suit my system better for 6 months or so (since 2.6.24). It has been working great. I've been using the same config since I got one working (there seem to be all kinds of undocumented dependencies between options in the kernel, so a little trial and error is necessary to get one that flies). I just run make oldconfig and update the .config and away it goes. I don't modify any of the setup, so this is the Fedora kernel recompiled with all of its patches.

Well, it seemed to work with 2.6.27 as it compiled cleanly. But after I installed it and built the initrd, it won't boot. The message is about a segmentation fault, error 4. It complains that init can't start and that the interrupts are not synching and hangs. I've tried many options but the error is always the same.

I installed the official 2.6.27 rpm package for f9 and it boots and runs just fine.

Has anyone else seen this, and did you get it to work somehow? I am suspicious of the mkinitrd as I don't think it updated with the update to 2.6.27, but I don't know.

Thanks for any insight.

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