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Re: f9 Preupgrade stalled?

Dave Feustel wrote:
I have never done anything with grub. AFIK, I have only one boot
partition (unless preupgrade built another one on my single disk drive).
Could you explain this in more detail?

Can you say that preupgrade didn't do anything to your grub entry? My point is that everytime you boot linux, the boot record gets read, a bootloader gets run, and *it* figures out where your boot and root partitions are and uses those assumptions to find the linux boot image and the init programs (among others). If where it looks gets changed, or it perceives that the locations of those files have changed, your boot can fail. Just becuase you didn't change them doesn't mean they haven't been changed, it just means they haven't been changed by you.
/boot/grub/grub.conf gets changed every time you install a new kernel.


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