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Re: Turbo Memory

It is just about a year ago that Claude submitted the inquiry below. I'm
seriously looking at the Lenovo ThinkPad T500, and it is offering a 2 Gb
Turbo Memory device. Can Fedora 10 use this? Is there an open-source
driver anywhere?

The Lenovo website is saying if I pick this I will have to give up the
integrated Bluetooth PAN, but I assume I can just add a Bluetooth
thingie as an ExpressCard or PC Card. Or maybe I can do the reverse --
keep the integrated PAN and hunt around for an ExpressCard Turbo Memory


Bob Cochran

Claude Jones wrote:
> I was spec'ing a new laptop tonight, and noticed it had 1 GB of 'Turbo 
> Memory' -- this is a new Intel specification that uses flash memory to cache 
> frequently used items and is only available in Windows-land with Vista. It is 
> not CPU cache nor RAM. 
> Does anyone know of any work being done to access this new technology in 
> Linux? 

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