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Re: Sudo from scripts

On 11/17/2008 12:47 AM, g wrote:
as a question of curiousness, and 'wat' from svr5 days, have you tried
giving ownership of script to root?

also, if you want backup to run only after you are logged off, or after
you have done something needing backup, have script check for 'filename'
and then delete 'filename' as part of closing. this way, you can run
'touch filename' to enable.
My specific solution was to simply run a root cron. But I did test sudo by disabling "#Defaults requiretty" in /etc/sudoers. Giving root ownership to a script IMHO is a security issue. Actually, the backup script probably should have been run as root via a root crontab in the first place.

The bottom line is that things change as time goes on, and it is important that one (eg. me) keep up. Subsequently we had the exact same problem on the Boston Linux server, and as I saw the logs, I let my partner know about it since he maintains those.
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