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Re: Which filesystem for SSD in F10?

> There are many Linux flash filesystems, but Fedora does not support any 
> of them.

If you are using an ATA, CFA or SCSI attached solid state disk then that
aspect of file systems is really irrelevant. Raw flash devices require
management by the OS via things such as JFFS. ATA flash manages such
matters internally and all wear levelling is really down to the drives
which use various differing algorithms of differing quality (in
part because everyone has patents on their own algorithm).

> Personally, I'd take XFS and set the "noatime" mount option. XFS caches 

noatime is a good idea but other than that I would expect similar results
on any journalled file system. If you will be doing backups or using mail
clients with local storage, or anything else relying on atime then
'relatime' will give much of the same reduction in I/O but keep these
things working sanely.

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