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Re: Which filesystem for SSD in F10?

On Monday 17 November 2008 10:16:47 am Alan Cox wrote:
> > There are many Linux flash filesystems, but Fedora does not support
> > any of them.
> If you are using an ATA, CFA or SCSI attached solid state disk then
> that aspect of file systems is really irrelevant. Raw flash devices
> require management by the OS via things such as JFFS. ATA flash
> manages such matters internally and all wear levelling is really down
> to the drives which use various differing algorithms of differing
> quality (in part because everyone has patents on their own
> algorithm).

FYI, this SSD has a SATA interface.  The OS (and even the BIOS) is 
unaware that there is no spinning media.

I wasn't really thinking of flash wear-leveling as the drive's firmware 
takes care of that.  What I really had in mind was I/O efficiency, the 
use of algorithms that are particularly suited (or at least not 
particularly unsuited) to solid-state media.

Thanks for the response.

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