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Re: Kernel Timeslice

> Steve West wrote:
>> I am running Fedora 9 x86 64 bit. What is the kernel timetick per
>> thread? How many threads per second does the kernel run?
> Probably not quite what you are asking but here goes:
> http://kerneltrap.org/node/464
> run for a few seconds:
> $ vmstat 1
> look at system|in = interrupts per second.
> this is approximately the interupts per second or timer Hz value.
> from the kernel config parameter HZ_1000 etc:
> getconf CLK_TCK
> DaveT.
Is there ay way to set the ticks without rebuilding the kernel?

Perhaps if you explained what you are trying to achieve people might be
able to help you get there.

I have an application/service that has 1000 or so threads. Most of these are TCPIP socket accept and connect. I want to be able to run all the threads in a second or so to achieve a reasonable throughput. I would like the kernel to run 1000 threads per second. Right now I think it is set for 100 ticks per second in f9 x86 64bit.

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