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Re: No sound with Banshee

Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> GtkPod works, but I hate the UI (random example: "sync" doesn't mean
> "sync the ipod with the music collection", it means "do some
> internal housekeeping the user couldn't care less about").

This is definitely something other folks dislike as well.  I think
this stems from the fact that gtkpod was not initially designed as a
local music library app.  So the sync functions don't do what you
expect in that context.

Not an excuse, but hopefully it makes the behavior a little less

I've never used gtkpod for the local library, so it's never bothered

Also, FWIW, the UI has received a number of improvements since the
last release, so at least some of the warts are likely fixed.  Though
I doubt gtkpod will ever be in the contest for prettiest ipod app.  In
the contest for most advanced features, it's a different story. ;)

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