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Re: No sound with Banshee

On Mon, 2008-11-17 at 17:21 -0500, Todd Zullinger wrote:
> Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> > GtkPod works, but I hate the UI (random example: "sync" doesn't mean
> > "sync the ipod with the music collection", it means "do some
> > internal housekeeping the user couldn't care less about").
> This is definitely something other folks dislike as well.  I think
> this stems from the fact that gtkpod was not initially designed as a
> local music library app.  So the sync functions don't do what you
> expect in that context.
> Not an excuse, but hopefully it makes the behavior a little less
> strange.

I did eventually figure it out, but I pity the new user who has to go
through this. It's especially misleading since the app doesn't actually
have the ability to synchronize with an ipod. All it does is copy stuff
back and forth under user control.

> I've never used gtkpod for the local library, so it's never bothered
> me.

I only use it with the local library to keep in synch with the ipod, but
this is a painful manual process.

> Also, FWIW, the UI has received a number of improvements since the
> last release, so at least some of the warts are likely fixed.  Though
> I doubt gtkpod will ever be in the contest for prettiest ipod app.  In
> the contest for most advanced features, it's a different story. ;)

I'll look forward to trying the new version when it appears.


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