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Re: Kernel Timeslice

On 17Nov2008 21:24, Wayne Feick <waf brunz org> wrote:
| If you're trying to service 1000's of sockets, you should at least take
| a look at select(2)

Select() should be replaced with epoll() on modern linux. Select() has
O(n) performance with the number of filedescriptors (because the bitmap
must be scanned for bits.

| / asynchronous I/O as a way to cut down on the
| number of threads and avoid the overhead or many context switches.

I seem to recall that lots of threads (up to the point of "too many")
beats asynch I/O these days.

But this may well be too low level for Steve's task.

Steve, do a bit of load testing and see where things start to get bad.

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

Support Darwinian evolution -- Squash a weakling today.
        - David Wren-Hardin <bdh4 quads uchicago edu>

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