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Re: mplayer streaming on F9 and F10

On Tuesday 18 November 2008 07:00:03 Frank Cox wrote:
> I can crank up Firefox and listen to the "oldies" and "smooth jazz"
> channels on http://www.club977.com on a computer with F8/x86_64 and
> mplayer.
> Same setup on F9 and F10-beta doesn't play anything.
> I'm having difficulty getting anything that's non-flash-based to play as a
> stream through Firefox on F9 and F10-beta, but everything just works with
> the exact same setup on F8.
> Does anyone else see the same results as me?
It must be something missing, Frank.  On this Mandriva laptop running 
2009+KDE4 that site plays without a problem.  

Could it be a codec issue?  On the F10 laptop I got a requirement for addition 
plugin - mmsh protocol source.  Since I only have fedora repos at the moment 
it didn't find anything.

If you want to compare any file lists with the Mandriva laptop, just let me 


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