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Re: firefox crashes more than a crashing fire crashing fox

Waleed Harbi wrote:
What is your firefox versoin? The new one is 3.0.4 try update it if u
see it old.
I thing this issue hapened in _javascript_ within some websites. Try
disabile _javascript_ in firefox,just 4 a test.

On 18/11/2008, michael <cs networkingnewsletter org uk> wrote:

The above link is the tail end of a 'strace' on my htmlview (firefox)
which crashes a lot. Can anybody gain any clues as to this unwelcome
behaviour from said strace output? Ta, M

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Since the update, I and others have been having problems with the new FF 3.0.4 Most of my plugins don't work but I have found a way around some of them. Simply to say, FireFox team needs to get their shit together.

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