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Re: acer aspire one - wireless ethernet

On Tue, 18 Nov 2008 14:37:37 -0800
Aldo Foot <lunixer gmail com> wrote:

> I vaguely remember reading something that suggested that
> the problem lied with the Belkin router itself.

I have two laptops.  One Acer Aspire One and one "no-name" Intel.

If I put both of them online wirelessly at the same time and then attempt to
copy a large file from my desktop computer to the Intel using scp, everything
works perfectly.

If I then attempt to copy the same large file from my desktop to the Acer, the
transfer stops in the middle, and the router and the Intel's wireless
capabilities both lock up.

I can log into the router and restart it from my desktop's wired connection.
When the router finishes resetting the Acer jumps back online automatically
with no further action required on my part.

The Intel laptop won't go back online until I reboot it.

Somehow the Acer is locking up everything (the router and the other
computer) except itself.

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