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Re: Need to control loading of usb-storage

Jean Francois Martinez wrote:
> My problem is:  
> I need to find a way to tell Linux not to load the usb-storage module
> when a certain peripheral, whose signature I know, is inserted.  For
> now the only way I have found is putting usb-storage in the blacklist
> but this means module doesn't load when I plug my usb key or my external
> hard drive so I look for something finer grained
> Details
> I own a cell phones who has USB connector and  can be accessed either as
> an MTP device or as a mass storage one but the latter works if, and only
> if, it has an additional memory card inserted (presently I have none).
> The phone prompts for the mode at connect time but no matter what I
> select the usb-storage loads itself, unsuccessfully tries to put the
> phone in storage mode (normal behavior since the phone has no external
> memory card) and after a minute or two, gives up, unloads itself and
> removes the peripheral from the list of present USB devices.  In other
> words even after the usb-storage module has unloaded I cannot use the
> phone in mtp mode.
> Regards
Take a look at HAL - it can do fine control of what is mounted. (But
don't ask me to write it for you - I am not that good yet.) I guess
you could write a udev rule that prevents the SCSI devices needed by
HAL to mount the drive. This rule would have to run before


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