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Re: kdesvn and authentification


2008/11/13 Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at>
Adel ESSAFI <adel.safi <at> imag.fr> writes:
> how can I make authentification with kdesvn?

The best solution is to use SSH key authentication:
* Make sure you have a key for your local machine generated (with ssh-keygen).
 There should be either ~/.ssh/id_rsa and ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub or ~/.ssh/id_dsa
 and ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub files (RSA is recommended).
* Upload your public key to the repository machine:
 - If you have direct SSH/SFTP access, copy the contents of your
   ~/.ssh/id_*.pub file to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote machine (if the
   file does not exist yet, you have to create it), and make sure all of ~/.ssh
   is readable only by you (chmod -R go-rwx ~/.ssh).
 - If there's a web interface to upload SSH keys, upload your ~/.ssh/id_*.pub
   file there.
 WARNING: In both cases, make sure you upload the contents of the PUBLIC key
          (i.e. the one with the .pub extension). The private key should NEVER
          leave your machine.
* Use svn+ssh://username svn example com/foo/ as your URL (where username is
 your account name on the repository server, svn.example.com is the server
 itself and foo is the path to your module).

       Kevin Kofler

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