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Re: Upgrade to 64-bit F10

Dave Feustel <dfeustel mindspring com> writes:
> I have been running 64-bit OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and SUSE 11 for a while
> now. I expect that I will have no more problems with 64-bit F10 than
> I've had with the other 64-bit systems (which is to say, essentially
> none except for Maxima(caused by CLISP not working in 64-bit mode), so I
> am eager to take advantage of the extra (and bigger) registers available
> in 64-bit F10.

I switched to fc4/64-bit (I think) from netbsd/64-bit and
openbsd/64-bit for the better apm support on the laptop, but I didn't
notice any great changes in how userland behaved.  The BSD's seemed to
handle large address space programs a bit better when they started
swapping, but it wasn't enough of a problem to force me back.  We are
talking about a program with a 13 gig working set and 4 gigs dram, but
with very good locality of reference.

I'm surprised that clisp hasn't been hacked to run on Linux/64-bit.
Back when I cared about such things folks were always drooling over
large sparse address spaces and how it was going to help all sorts of
aspects of creating lisp objects.  I'm surprised to see that now that
it is available nobody seems to care enough to actually make the code

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht              http://www.full-steam.org/  (ipv6-only)
         You may need to config 6to4 to see the above pages.

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