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Evolution and the Global Catalog Server Debacle

I could really use a hand on this one:

I'm running Evolution (on F10 PR/Rawhide) with the Exchange Connector,
and have always had incredible problems browsing my employer's Exchange
Global Address List. I picked up what I believe is the Global Catalog
Server by using Outlook 2007 and going through all of the motions to
find it there.

When I plug in that server name from outside of my company network, I
get squat.

When I use the same configuration from _inside_ the company network, it
seems to work fine.

So, why can't Evolution see this from outside, but Outlook 2K7 can when
configured using RPC over HTPPS? I won't even begin to ask why I need to
know and enter the Global Catalog Server name in the first place since
Outlook seems to be able to find this out on its own using pretty much
the same way of connecting.

Ideas? This couldn't be as simple as needing a different GC server or
knowing that I need a specific TCP port open. It doesn't make sense that
this works with one but not the other...



"If we don't succeed,
we run the risk of failure."

-- Former President Bill Clinton

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