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Re: More strange F9 dependencies

On Thu, 20 Nov 2008 18:43:17 +0000 (UTC), Beartooth wrote:

> 	I have no PDA, nor expect ever to, much less hardware to connect 
> it to a PC.
> 	When I was working, and literally running my life on rails, its 
> ancestors, then called organizers, were fine things; I had a whole series 
> of them. 
> 	Those who want or need them are welcome to them; strength to 
> their arms. Theirs, not mine.  To an old retired fart without a schedule, 
> a PDA or even a fancy phone is a dispensable expense, and thus cruft at 
> best, if not a security liability. So I tried to cut.
> [root Hbsk2 ~]# yum remove bluez-*
> 	[....]
> Dependencies Resolved
> ================================================================================
>  Package                   Arch      Version             Repository       
> Size 
> ================================================================================
> Removing:
>  bluez-libs                i386      3.36-1.fc9          installed        
> 126 k
>  bluez-utils-cups          i386      3.36-1.fc9          
> installed         40 k
> Removing for dependencies:
>  gnome-user-share          i386      0.31-1.fc9          installed        
> 219 k
>  gvfs                      i386      0.2.5-1.fc9         installed        
> 3.5 M
>  gvfs-fuse                 i386      0.2.5-1.fc9         
> installed         25 k
>  libwiimote                i386      0.4-6.fc9           
> installed         46 k
>  nautilus                  i386      
> installed         15 M
>  obex-data-server          i386      1:0.3.4-1.fc9       installed        
> 145 k
>  xorg-x11-drivers          i386      7.3-4.fc9           
> installed         0.0 
>  xorg-x11-drv-wiimote      i386      0.0.1-1.fc9         
> installed         12 k
> Transaction Summary
> ================================================================================
> Install      0 Package(s)         
> Update       0 Package(s)         
> Remove      10 Package(s)         
> Is this ok [y/N]: n
> Exiting on user Command
> 	Some of those dependencies certainly make sense, and others look 
> likely to. Some of them. I grant that.
> 	Some make mud seem clear. I don't understand, despite googling, 
> what gvfs is or does. I know only that it too threatened to take a long 
> list of indispensable apps with it if removed -- and that the gnome 
> system monitor always shows some half dozen of its creatures, sleeping.
> 	But what of nautilus? It would be fine for bluez to depend on it; 
> but why should it depend on bluez?? Is someone going to tell me that 
> pango uses bluez, with or without hardware? And then sneer down his nose 
> that I'm welcome to write new code??

Run: repoquery --whatrequires libbluetooth.so.2

That shows all packages with a _direct_ dependency on that library.
Nautilus depends on something that depends on bluez-libs.

> 	What ever became of linux being tailorable??

A Linux base distribution is tailored already.
Not each and every feature can be toggled on/off at run-time or
install-time. Some features build the core of the distribution.

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