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Re: Moving Fedora 9 Hard Disk To Another System

Paul Johnson wrote:
> When the kernel is updated, the Fedora 9 framework will rebuild a new
> initrd and it will  NOT have the special modules in it.  On fedora
> systems, I found no simpler solution than to edit the new-kernel
> script and change the modules that were assumed.   Otherwise, the boot
> up will fail just like you have been seeing.  On Ubuntu linux, I've
> learned that the required modules can be configured in
> /etc/modprobe.conf or someplace similar, and the initrd builder takes
> notice of it.
What I have done in the past is to boot off the install media,
select the rescue mode, and then chroot to where the root file
system is mounted. I thin build the new initrd, making sure it
matches the kernel I plan to boot from. In the future, installing a
new kernel will build the initrd, using the information from the
running kernel. At least it has worked correctly for the last 5
updates on this machine sense I moved the drive here, and rebuilt
the initrd for this motherboard.


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