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Re: More strange F9 dependencies

>> 	But what of nautilus? It would be fine for bluez to depend on it; 
>> but why should it depend on bluez?? Is someone going to tell me that 
>> pango uses bluez, with or without hardware? And then sneer down his nose 
>> that I'm welcome to write new code??

Michael Schwendt:
> Run: repoquery --whatrequires libbluetooth.so.2
> That shows all packages with a _direct_ dependency on that library.
> Nautilus depends on something that depends on bluez-libs.

It strikes me that with things like this, and others (e.g. requiring
CUPs on a single, headless, remote web server), that we should be
developing some strategies to remove *USELESS* dependencies.  Even if
that means an extra "hack" repo with various dummy RPMs to satisfy RPM
demands for files that will never be used, or to supply the bare minimum
files it wants for a dependency, without the rest of the package.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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