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Re: More strange F9 dependencies

Michael Schwendt wrote:
On Thu, 20 Nov 2008 18:43:17 +0000 (UTC), Beartooth wrote:

I have no PDA, nor expect ever to, much less hardware to connect it to a PC.

When I was working, and literally running my life on rails, its ancestors, then called organizers, were fine things; I had a whole series of them.


Some of those dependencies certainly make sense, and others look likely to. Some of them. I grant that.

Some make mud seem clear. I don't understand, despite googling, what gvfs is or does. I know only that it too threatened to take a long list of indispensable apps with it if removed -- and that the gnome system monitor always shows some half dozen of its creatures, sleeping.

But what of nautilus? It would be fine for bluez to depend on it; but why should it depend on bluez?? Is someone going to tell me that pango uses bluez, with or without hardware? And then sneer down his nose that I'm welcome to write new code??

Run: repoquery --whatrequires libbluetooth.so.2

That shows all packages with a _direct_ dependency on that library.
Nautilus depends on something that depends on bluez-libs.

	What ever became of linux being tailorable??

A Linux base distribution is tailored already.
Not each and every feature can be toggled on/off at run-time or
install-time. Some features build the core of the distribution.

The issue that is creeping in is dependencies on full packages that are not needed. Bluetooth is an option for many and shouldn't be needed to keep a system operational.

If a library is needed for some function, then pull the library out of the full application. In this case make a base library to meet these dependencies.

Robin Laing

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