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Re: Disable mouse buttons

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Bradley wrote:

> Also, if there is a general consensus that this can not be done (it 
> should be added if not) let me know and I will have to purchase a 
> 2-button mouse just for our son to use.

do not know about 'general consensus', but mouse is defined in
'/etc/x11/xorg.conf' as pointer. this file is used for all.

you do not mention which desktop, so this reply is for kde.

there are also mouse configs in directory '~/.kde/share/config'. you can
cd '~/.kde/share/config' and run 'grep -i mouse|sort>00-mouse' and read
file to see where all of them are.

just what each does and can be modified, i can not say. 'man' will not
tell you a lot, if any as there all relate to kde. whereto, you may get
help from kde tech list. maybe even developers list.

a google linux search will get many hits. this i know from looking for
mouse info a while back.

as for buying a mouse, i have a box of old 2 button mice that i have
saved for switches. they are serial and din that if you can use, i will
check to see what is good and send them to you. [you pay postage] this
way if any get broken, you will have a supply.

if you have ps/2 or usb, a 3 button can be made a 2 button by opening
up an wedging button to not press switch.

peace out.



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