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Re: Disable mouse buttons

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Friday 21 November 2008 18:07:20 g wrote:
Bradley wrote:
Also, if there is a general consensus that this can not be done (it
should be added if not) let me know and I will have to purchase a
2-button mouse just for our son to use.
do not know about 'general consensus', but mouse is defined in
'/etc/x11/xorg.conf' as pointer. this file is used for all.

you do not mention which desktop, so this reply is for kde.

there are also mouse configs in directory '~/.kde/share/config'. you can
cd '~/.kde/share/config' and run 'grep -i mouse|sort>00-mouse' and read
file to see where all of them are.

just what each does and can be modified, i can not say. 'man' will not
tell you a lot, if any as there all relate to kde. whereto, you may get
help from kde tech list. maybe even developers list.

a google linux search will get many hits. this i know from looking for
mouse info a while back.

as for buying a mouse, i have a box of old 2 button mice that i have
saved for switches. they are serial and din that if you can use, i will
check to see what is good and send them to you. [you pay postage] this
way if any get broken, you will have a supply.

if you have ps/2 or usb, a 3 button can be made a 2 button by opening
up an wedging button to not press switch.

A simple 2-button mouse is so cheap I wouldn't entertain messing around with either my decent mouse or my setup.

I would agree except we have limited desk space and it's not easy to swap out components on my system due to the hardware positioning. It would be actually better for us to have the option of disabling buttons for a particular user.


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