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Re: FIXED IP on FC 8

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Jim wrote:

I have a box that has DHCP setup, I have to communicate with 700 miles
away, through a Linksys WRT54G, I have Port Forwarding setup in router
to to this box.
But When rebooting this box 700 miles away computer, the IP is changed
to and I no longer can connect to it , because router is
set to
Port Forwarding to

If I do a Static IP setup on that box FC8, 700 miles away, how will
NetworkManager come in to play ??
Will it have problem with a setup Static IP ??

And does someone have have a Static IP example of
/etc/sysconfig/network.scripts/ifcfg-eth0 that I can use to do setup
correctly, I don't completely trust system-config-network to do it
right, let just say, I have had a bad experience in the past. I like to
go into ifcfg-eth0 and edit what I want.

One way to handle this is to give the MAC address of the NIC a fixed
IP address in the router. What I think happened in this cas is that
the computer did not release the lease on when it
rebooted, and did not ask to renew that lease when it booted. So it
was given the next free IP address.

I do not think you want to use NetworkManager is this case anyway.
Under the normal configuration, the network is not going to come up
until someone logs in. If you are going to be doing remote access,
you are better off using the network service instead. That makes
setting a static IP address easier. But you will want to make sure
the static address you use in not in the range the router gives out
using DHCP.

Well guys this is is what I finally did and it works great, see attachment.
I read where there was a fix to allow NetworkManager -0.7.* to work with fixed IPs, but in this case I didn't set it up to work with NetworkManager and it works great. I went into the Linksys WRT54G and made settings to Port Forwarding of to box. And Wa-la.

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