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Re: Mysql problems (wont restart)

>I have a mysql database (in MythTV) that has been running
>several months uninterrupted.>

>I had to take this machine down, and now on the reboot the
>database wont restart.

>Is there any program out there to try to clean up whatever the
>problems with the database are, and get this thing restarted
>without having to start from scratch (and loose all the data in
>the database)?

Start by reading the Mythtv Documentation on the mythtv wiki. You could then check other areas of the wiki. Finally, seach the mythtv email list archive at gossamerthreads. This problem has been dealt with many many times there. In almost every case, it is a configuration problem. There is no simple 'program' to fix things. The cause must be deduced from a step by step examination.

You say 'the database wont restart'. This is unclear: does the server not start, or does the client not connect or does the client fail to open the database etc. The answers are there, but you will have to do some work to narrow down the problem.

Whatever you do. do NOT attempt to create a new mythconverg database. That is almost guaranteed to destroy the one thing you wish to keep. If you shut down the system cleanly, it is still there. You have merely (metaphorically) locked the keys in the car along with your wallet. You just need to get another key.


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