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Re: Fedora and NetworkManager Quesiton

Around 02:28am on Sunday, November 23, 2008 (UK time), bob smith scrawled:

> Working with 386 boxes, and getting ready to upgrade to
> FC9 on alpha boxes - but .... I am getting perturbed with networkmanager .
> Great tool for folks who want things to be simple and easy but
> it is not what I need .
> Lots of issues with the way this is so smart - doing things it thinks are
> right and not what I want.  I have figured out how to shut it off, but
> I have not figured out how to avoid installing it or not installing it 
> at all.
> Is there some way to set up the install so that nerworkmanager is NOT
> installed at all?

You may be able to deselect it, but it could get tangled up with

Why not do an install, and then revert to the old network service once
the install has fininshed - that's what I do.

#  chkconfig NetworkManager off
#  chkconfig network on

Then reboot or stop and start the respective services.


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