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F9: How to go back to kernel and corresponding nvidia drivers?


Yesterday evening I had a F9 x86_64 system working fine with the above
mentioned kernel and the corresponding nvidia drivers from rpmfusion.

This morning I typed yum update and got installed kernel 5-41 and the
related updates for nvidia drivers.

I installed everything, modified grub.conf to boot kernel
instead of the previous one and rebooted.

Now I have a system which is unable to start X (it restarts continuously,
I just get the initial cursor appearing and disappearing. Even the other
virtual consoles restart continuously (CTRL-ALT+Fn))

I have removed with yum kernel 5-41 but now, even booting with kernel 5-37
I get the same problem as above, so I have a system without working
graphic interface.

1) how do I get back exactly to what I had yesterday, that is how the heck
can I tell yum to install the kmod-nvidia package for the kernel and all the dependencies for THAT one? No matter what I tell
it, yum keeps proposing an upgrade to the latest version of everything...
Even if I type any variant of "yum install kmod-nvidia-" I can
think about, something which according to my google searches should work.

2) (alternative) what is the rpmfusion URL of the folder where all the
rpms are kept, so I can download them manually with wget and then install
via rpm?

3) has anybody else had these problems with the latest kernel for
F9-x86_64 and nvidia drivers? How can I debug and fix them?

Help *everybody* love Free Standards and Software:

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