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Re: F9: How to go back to kernel and corresponding nvidia drivers?

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 11:11:11 AM +0100, Marco Fioretti wrote:

> Yesterday evening I had a F9 x86_64 system working fine with the
> above mentioned kernel and the corresponding nvidia drivers from
> rpmfusion.  This morning I typed yum update and got installed kernel
> 5-41 and the related updates for nvidia drivers.  I installed
> everything, modified grub.conf to boot kernel instead of
> the previous one and rebooted.

I solved the problem by removing manually the kernel and nvidia rpm
with all their dependencies and then doing this:

> 2) (alternative) what is the rpmfusion URL of the folder where all
> the rpms are kept, so I can download them manually with wget and
> then install via rpm?

with the RPM packages at

The general problem remains, however: there is no way to make yum
install a specific version of a package, no matter what its man page

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