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Re: home folder and upgrading

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 09:39:07AM +0100, Henning Larsen wrote:
> Hi all
> I do run early f10 already. but having some problems with X, flash,
> Sugar and other programs.
> Because of those problems I want to reinstall f10 from install DVD when
> it is ready. I have /home on separate partition.
> I plan to format everything but /home
> Will I get my evolution mail and account-settings back?
> My firefox bookmarks?
> tomboy notes?
> I am worried because of some folder names that is generated as random
> strings.

If your /home is on a separate partition, yes -- just make sure you
don't mark it to be formatted during the installation.  All your user
settings should be retained and migrated to new versions where
needed.  I did this myself when I moved my laptop from F9 to F10 Beta,
and I'll be doing it with another machine F9 -> F10 this week.

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