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F-10 installs -

In the near future I intend to replace Fedora 9 with 10. My bandwidth allotment is limited by the satellite provider I use so I have been installing the "Live CD" version and adding to that with yum. I rarely use the Gnome desktop beyond the initial install, replacing that with XFCE which works best for me. However it requires a lot of initial configuration to create what I want. That can take a week or more to get everything "just right."

But then I have a second computer to deal with, similar to this one which will also need the same configuration. I can easily transfer files between them but it's still a lot of work and takes nearly as much time as the first one. There's also a third ...

It seems I must be doing something wrong? Can anyone suggest the optimum approach? I ideally I should be able to simply copy directories between boxes/users it seems.



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