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Re: Joiner for Linux

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 16:26:46 +0100,
  Manuel Gomez <mgdpz1 gmail com> wrote:
> I am searching a joiner for Linux. I need to join an document with
> another archive, and i want can open the document without problems.
> I am not creating a trojan or something, its for add size to specific
> documents (security-> If the document have 5 kbs it takes 5 sec download
> it, but if the document have 500 mb it takes a couple of days, and i
> turn off the connection constantly. Believe me, for me is usefull).
> Somebody could help me?

I don't think that's going to work the way you want. For the document to
work properly it will probably need to be at the beginning of the large
file. When people start downloading files, normally they start at the begining.
so most likely by the time you cut them off they will have already obtained
the part you care about.

If you explain more about yoru theat model and the format of the document
people might be able to give you some reasonable suggestions.

To append a large file to the end of your document, you can use the cat
command. Something like:
cat docfile largefile > largedocfile

Editing the file may end up making it small again depending on the editor.

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