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Re: Joiner for Linux

Manuel Gomez wrote:
> I am searching a joiner for Linux. I need to join an document with
> another archive, and i want can open the document without problems.
> I am not creating a trojan or something, its for add size to specific
> documents (security-> If the document have 5 kbs it takes 5 sec download
> it, but if the document have 500 mb it takes a couple of days, and i
> turn off the connection constantly. Believe me, for me is usefull).
> Somebody could help me?
> Thank you very much.
There are several programs that will do that. You may want to check
out cat. On the other hand, you may want to look at wget to do the
downloading - it has a resume function to resume partial downloads
from where you stopped. There are also programs like bittorrent that
will download files in chunks.


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