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Re: LVM extend how (vmware)

On Mon, 24 Nov 2008 15:13:57 +0100, Chris Tyler <chris tylers info> wrote:

On Mon, 2008-11-24 at 15:04 +0100, roland wrote:

I used vmware-vdiskmanager to extend a virtual client
This virtual client runs fedora and has a LVM.

fdisk /dev/sda
results in
/dev/sda1 (id 83) /dev/sda2 (id=8e) /dev/sda3

How can I connect sda3 to VolGroup00

I read all kind of entrees on google, but they are all complicated.

I have to extend this virtual client (30Gb), which is not devided in 2Gb
partitions, without loss of data

I tried to do it with Knoppix but Knoppix does not recognize LVM

I have to drive 200 km on thursday to a client in France and let it work.

So please? Can anybody help me with a simple method?
Roland Brouwers

If I understand correctly, you're adding the partition /dev/sda3 to a
volume group.

(1) Prepare the partition for use as a physical volume (PV) (verify that
it does not contain critical data first!):

	pvcreate /dev/sda3

(2) Extend the volume group (VG) by adding the PV to it:

	vgextend NAME_OF_VOLUME_GROUP /dev/sda3

(3) Use the space as you see fit -- extend logical volumes, create
logical volumes, etc.

You should also be able to do this graphically using system-config-lvm,
if desired.

If I do this then df still gives the old capacity.
I found a site:

and if you look for this text:
"At this point we have only extend the VG and not the actual size of LV"

You'll see that they use lvextend
They umount also the volume.
In my case it is '/'; I don't know if this can be unmounted.

Why didn't you mention it? Am I overlooking something.


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