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Re: LVM extend how (vmware)

roland wrote:
If I do this then df still gives the old capacity.
I found a site:

and if you look for this text:
"At this point we have only extend the VG and not the actual size of LV"

You'll see that they use lvextend

This was Chris's point (3):

"Use the space as you see fit -- extend logical volumes, create"

They umount also the volume.
In my case it is '/'; I don't know if this can be unmounted.

So you'll need to issue an lvextend for the logical volume that contains your root file system.

If you are using any of the common, modern file systems for your root file system it will support online expansion (ext3, XFS, jfs, reiser all support this) - i.e. you can extend your root file system without unmounting it.

The LVM2 how to covers basic tasks like this (it's not been updated in a couple of years, but is still correct for simple things like expanding VGs/LVs):



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