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Re: Joiner for Linux

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 04:26:46PM +0100, Manuel Gomez wrote:
> I am searching a joiner for Linux. I need to join an document with
> another archive, and i want can open the document without problems.
> I am not creating a trojan or something, its for add size to specific
> documents (security-> If the document have 5 kbs it takes 5 sec download
> it, but if the document have 500 mb it takes a couple of days, and i
> turn off the connection constantly. Believe me, for me is usefull).
> Somebody could help me?

wget has a continue option that may help you.  From the wget man page:
           Continue getting a partially-downloaded file.  This is useful when
           you want to finish up a download started by a previous instance of
           Wget, or by another program. 

If you are in control of both ends of the connection the classic 
solution was to use 'split' (split a file into pieces) which has
been used for years to split large files into smaller chunks to download
via ftp, uucico,  and other ways.  By reducing the file to smaller chunks 
and reassembling the chunks errors in the download process were less serious
in terms of recovery/ retry/ time.

The continue option is hidden in the downloader function some web browsers
and even in yum.  New versions of ftp may have a reget option/ function that acts
like get except if a local file exists and is smaller ..... see your ftp tool's 
man page.

Another tool to look at is "curl" see the -C/--continue-at flag and more.
The curl library is used inside a number of tools... 

Another tool that may help you is 'rsync'.  I like "rsync" as it is well matched
to my mixed up situation where I sometimes want to push a file and other
times pull a file.   It is also clever and can check then fix bits in the middle of
a file. It does expect a login permissions on the remote system.

Many of these tools have bandwidth management functions that may help if you have a 
slow link and need to do a couple of things at the same time when you 
are connected.

	T o m  M i t c h e l l 
	Found me a new hat, now what?

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