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Re: Wireless, Broadcom

Vincent Onelli wrote:
After try few different guideline to get the wireless working I am now
worse off then when I start. Now I lost the wireless connection from
Windows also, last one that I try is from
http://dnmouse.org/broadcom.html, after I complete the installation and
reboot the wireless light came on which never did before I was able to
activate the wireless network, but I could not connect to internet there
was a message that SELinux was blocking, I executed the fallowing
command "restorecon -v '/var/lib/dhclient/dhclient-wlan0.leases'" as
recommended selinux_alert file that was generated at one point.
I am now concern that I can't even connect using windows I do need help,
do I need to reinstall the windows? thank you in advance. Vinny

Well, not everything you said makes sense. Let's see if I can condense this into something I can follow.

1.  You can't get the broadcom card to work with Fedora (9?)?
2. You've tried a couple of howtos and none have worked? (What howtos? exactly?)
3.  Now you can't get the Windows driver to work?
4. You tried the howto from dnmouse.org and can get the light on, and an SELinux error which you fixed? 5. This doesn't tell us if you actually got the card working in Fedora. Did you? 6. The Fedora setup shouldn't have been affected by anything you did in fedora. However, without knowing which guidelines you used, I can't say for certain.

I've run a broadcom card in Fedora for 2 years now without any trouble at all. What card are you using? What chipset? What does lspci and lsmod show?

You haven't really given us a lot of detail on WHAT exactly is happening or not happening. Just that it doesn't work.

I really rather doubt re-installing Windows is necessary. Re-installing he broadcom drivers, maybe. It's possible there are setting in Linux being carried across a restarts into Windows. But I've not seen that problem in a while.

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