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Re: what exactly does preupgrade do?

Fred Silsbee wrote:
I've saved emails from posters with conflicting opinions!

Today is the day...right? Whoopee!

I want to F9->F10 hopefully without downloading the dvd iso.

Livecd instructions I already have

There was a link on the Fedora site, I don't have it handy. It explained what it did and how to invoke it.

I used it to upgrade from F7 to F9 in one step. It worked flawlessly, leaving me a few configuration files to examine. It is like the upgrade option of yum, except all of manual options are handled automatically. All of the Fedora 7 files that had correspondent packages in Fedora 9 had been updated to those latest packages.

As someone pointed out here, there is a (potential) issue with security. The packages are checked, but the preparation is not. I think it was susceptible to a man in the middle attack, or a corrupted server. You have to judge whether that is too much risk for you.

Hope that helps.

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