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Re: Fedora install on a 1 GB CF card

On Tue, 25 Nov 2008 16:23:29 +0530,
"Steve Repo" <scmuser gmail com> wrote :

>>  I would like to install a minimal Fedora system on a 1 GB CF
>> card.  Is there any recipe around to do this ?  Maybe doing a
>> regular Fedora install but having the /dev/sdb (eg. the CF card)
>> as the target and picking up the packages to install
>> carefully (eg. w/o X server and any graphical stuff for
>> instance).  Possibly w/o any swap.  A minimal system.

> Any reason why you want fedora and not puppy linux/damn small linux?

Fedora is a requierement.  

> I thought fedora spins were just the regular fedora installs with
> updated packages released via updates repository.

>From the Pungi description (I don't know if it's still in use in fedora
10) it looks like a customizing tool.  I would expect to be easily able
to drop off the X server for instance and any graphic app and devel
tools, while it takes care of the dependencies for doing installs.

I might take a look at it, but first...

> I guess you could fit fedora on 1GB with bare minimal install. Try
> it :-)

Thanks to the link provided by Michael, I have a hint at how to start
doing it.


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